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[PC] Grip_ Combat Racing [v 1.3.0 + DLCs] (2016) SpaceX

Thảo luận trong 'Game Offline' bắt đầu bởi jockers gamers, 10 Tháng mười một 2018.

  1. [​IMG]
    Grip: Combat Racing [v 1.3.0 + DLCs] (2016) PC | | SpaceX RePack |Size: 2.95 GB
    Release Date : November 6, 2018
    Genre : Action , Racing , 3D
    Developer : Caged Element
    Publisher : Wired Productions
    Interface Language : English and other
    Language of Voice : English
    Tablet : Present (CODEX)

    GRIP is a cool high-octane battle racing car packed with heavy weapons and driving at a crazy speed. Manage the laws of gravity, become the owner of an impressive arsenal of unique weapons and dive with GRIP in the fastest and hottest races. Take off the walls, ceilings, - any surface on which the wheels of your rider can rush ... after you master alluring routes, driving secrets and breathtaking stunts on your way through the Galaxy.

    RePack Features
    Install and play!
    Based on Steam license (ID: 396900)
    Game Version: v1.3.0
    EN / RU Installer
    Running the game from the desktop
    2 launch shortcuts (Eng + Rus)
    Change of language in the game's game label -culture = en-RU -> (de-DE, fr-FR, etc)
    Audio quality 100%
    Video quality 100%
    D completion
    Grip Combat Racing: Cygon Customization Pack
    Grip Combat Racing: Nyvoss Customization Pack
    Grip Combat Racing: Pariah Customization Pack
    Grip Combat Racing: Terra Customization Pack
    Grip Combat Racing: Vintek Customization Pack

    System Requirements:
    System requirements :
    Operating system : Windows 7+ (x64)
    Processor : 3 GHz
    RAM : 4 GB
    Video card : DirectX 11, Geforce 560
    Disk space : 8 GB



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